Accepting international submissions in English, and music in any language.

The Project

Unraveled Artists is a community of independent musical and visual artists which encourages a unique interaction between song and graphic design. Our goal at Unraveled is to find and promote unknown, under-heard, independent, hard working, honest, and great sounding musicians from all around the world. Our method is to arrange the creation of a piece of graphic art based on on of your lyrics that is then printed onto a t-shirt. Unraveled designs apparel in order to offer a way to transcend the touch screen, ear plugs, and microphone. From artist to artist, and from artist to listener. We aim to create physical objects that bridge the gap between increasingly distant/digital interactions between musicians and listeners. 

Who we are

We truly believe that a lot of great music goes unheard and unnoticed, and that success does not mean mainstream radio play, or major record deals. We support a DIY ethic. We support talent. We support sincerity. We support strangeness and uniqueness. We are looking for musical artists to become part of this community. We are not a record label. We are not an artist management company. We are independent artists and music lovers, just like you. We are real people. If you are in town, come hang out! We are passionate about bringing what we can to the table as an offering of support for great independent music.


Simply because we love good stories and are devoted to sharing them. We have some amazing personell who want to create reasons for people to find you, just because you are awesome. 

Submission/Joining Process

  1. Our curators will listen to all of your music (or as much as they can find) and figure out if you are a good fit for Unraveled.
  2. If you are, they will select a lyric that both represents you as a musical artist, but also is particularly fascinating/alluring/weird/confrontational on it’s own. We don’t do lyrics that just sound cool, and we don’t do band logos or slogans. We literally just listen to the words you sing/rap/scream/whisper. We think of this lyric as a concise, interesting, and unique message from you to the world at large.
  3. In order to spread this message, we give the lyric to a graphic designer (also an independent artist) who takes inspiration from your music to make a beautiful design.
  4. This design is then printed onto a shirt. It’s not a typical band shirt - it’s a unique piece of art inspired by music and realized by design.
  5. We aim to find you a wider audience through this piece of art. We will promote Unraveled and all of the Unraveled Artists in many ways, enhancing interactions between between fans-to-be, and musicians. Unraveled will get the t-shirts into retail outlets, we will throw quarterly live music events, and we will write up and cover your band, among other things.


If you are chosen as an Unraveled Artist, we only need two things from you - consent to use your lyric to design/print shirts, and an mp3 of the song from which the lyric was chosen. We do not claim any ownership or rights to your audio and we do not make any profit from its distribution. Unraveled is a small team of artists and designers and we float on a small profit margin from t-shirt sales. If you like the shirts so much that you want to sell them as band mech, you can get them at a highly reduced cost in bulk and sell them for however much you want. Once you join Unraveled, we will do a short interview with you to put on your artist page on the Unraveled website. 

If this sounds like something you want to be a part of, don’t be a stranger!

Please apply by filling out this form:

This submission will be sent directly to Unraveled Curator, Arjun Ray, who will get the process started by listening to your music and writing back to you with next steps if you are selected.